ICO COVID-19 Relief Donation Program

Many parts of the world are suffering from the effects of COVID-19 in different ways than the more developed world.  Within our ICO communities internationally, people are not able to access government-funded programs and health care, so they have to deal with a lack of food, lack of income and the fear of a disease that they cannot see or be tested for.  Cramped living conditions deny the opportunity to self-isolate and a dependence on tourists or selling local goods can have a severe impact on their most primary needs (food and shelter). 

Many of these communities are only beginning to experience the effects of the crisis. Migrant workers who once worked abroad and sent a majority of their earnings to their families are now laid off and are returning home.  Unfortunately,  due to a lack of suitable quarantine camps, they may be bringing the disease with them and could infect others in their community.  With a lack of funds being sent to the country and the absence of international visitors, the health and economic impact may be felt for years to come.  With ICO volunteers in these developing countries, we may be able to support some of their urgent needs.

If you would like to help out internationally, a number of initiatives are redirecting some of their efforts and fundraising to address this dire situation.  Please review the posts below and help us to help them.


Initiatives accepting donations to help with COVID-19 Relief: