San Antonio Stoves for Health

Traditionally, Mayans cook over unventilated open hearths in their one-room homes. This cooking method causes health problems such as respiratory illness, eye infection, and burns. A serious environmental consequence of this cooking method is deforestation; which is the permanent destruction of forests.

The Onil stove is a vented, smoke-free, and energy-efficient stove using 70% less wood than open-hearth fires. It is developed and produced in Guatemala and costs approximately USD $125. Open-hearth fires are a major source of global warming. When you replace an open-hearth fire with a clean-burning Onil stove, you remove 3.4 tonnes per year of CO2 from the atmosphere.

With the support of ICO, over 1,000 stoves have been installed over five years. Positive feedback from healthcare workers confirm that health has dramatically improved in the community since the initiative began. In addition to improving the health of families, these stoves also have a major role in mitigating the effects of climate change.

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