San Antonio New School

Ever since 2010, when Storm Agatha caused a landslide that damaged their school, over 500 children have been trying to learn in near-impossible conditions: five years crowded into a dark church basement, and two in a rough provisional school on top of the public market – a space that is crowded, noisy, and hot in the afternoons. As well, primary-aged children in San Antonio are now being turned away because there is no longer any room. The problem is partly the lack of available land in San Antonio on which to build a school (think of a village built into a steep hillside), and lack of money to purchase any land at all. The federal government will help pay for the construction of a school, but will not buy land.

In 2016, ICO was able to purchase a tract of land recommended by the education committee who had spent the previous year searching for possible sites. It has one of the most beautiful views in San Antonio (see photo). Now we are waiting for various stages of government approval before the project can move ahead. Meanwhile, we are collecting funds. When the construction starts, and furniture and equipment are needed, we know there will be a need for further support.

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