San Antonio New School

A new school in San Antonio opened in January 2020!

For ten years, since 2010, when Storm Agatha caused a landslide that damaged the San Antonio school, over 500 children were trying to learn in near-impossible conditions: five years crowded into a dark church basement, and five more in a rough provisional school on top of the public market. As well, primary-aged children in San Antonio were being turned away because there was no longer any room. The problem was partly the lack of available land in San Antonio on which to build a school (think of a village built into a steep hillside), and lack of money. Finally an agreement was reached with the federal government, and construction was completed by the start of the school year, January 2020.

The Guatemalan government was responsible for building the school structure, but not for anything inside. Once the school structure was completed, our local team has been working with the School principal and her committee to identify what is needed to make the school functional. We’ve made a good start, and basic furniture and white boards are in place. And, we are thrilled that the teachers and students are using it!

COVID-19 Update

On March 13, 2020 Guatemala closed all schools. Some online classes are being offered, and also classes on the television. We are monitoring the situation, and will begin efforts to complete the school infrastructure when it is possible to do so. 


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