San Antonio La Casita Expansion

Advancing Education is a key Issue in San Antonio and the existing ICO La Casita Learning Centre has increasingly become a focal point for the village. During the past few years, the programs at the La Casita Learning Centre have flourished and expanded. Because of its success, it is used morning, noon and night seven days a week. Recently, one of our advanced scholarship students started classes for junior high school students, and there are currently 51 students attending. On any day, multiple groups use the building, spreading out into the porch, the garden, and even the small kitchen. We decided that we need to expand our space, using our existing plot of land as effectively as possible. After analyzing various options and consultation with the architect and a builder, the local administrators recommended creating a new space.

A new well-designed two-storey building measuring 5 x 7 meters will replace two outdated smaller buildings, and will provide additional classroom space as well as a bathroom accessible from outside. The space on each level will be open-plan, to allow maximum flexibility. The second floor will be open on one side. The structure will be built with the possibility of adding another level in the future. A long washing ‘trough’ with several taps is planned to be installed outside, to allow easy access to support proper hygiene and prevention of COVID. The new building will connect to the existing water and septic systems.

This new addition will address the key issue of needing more space at La Casita Learning Centre, by providing a secure space that can be used by multiple groups at the same time.
We have already, through the gift of a generous donor, raised about two-thirds of the cost of the new building, and we’re hoping to raise the rest of the necessary funding by the end of September.

Any donations received will contribute to building construction and cover materials, labour, costs associated with water, sewer, electricity hook-up and furnishing the space.

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