Getting started: Health education a central component!

Reusable menstrual kits are a treasured resource in Maasailand. A kit offers women and girls a sanitary and reliable way to manage their monthly cycles. And kits are usually distributed at a workshop; so women and girls are offered critical health education as well.

With this in mind, the women of the community have made the decision to create their own menstrual health kit program. It will include both a health education program and a kit manufacturing and sales component.

The first step was the development of a business concept. Neema Lazier, Nashipay Community Health Worker and Sokoita Sirom, Nashipay volunteer and university student, took on this challenge. Over the last several months they have worked with a mentor to draft the concept.

With the business concept defined, Neema and Sokoita are now developing the health education component. Health education teaches women and girls how to care for their kits. Participants also learn about their menstrual cycle, STDs, and family planning.

Next steps are planning the manufacturing process and gathering the startup funds. We’ll keep you posted!

Participants with their kits.