MamaPower: Establishing a Health Community Update – September 2022

In July, two trainers from an NGO in Moshi came to the community for what has been called Killipad training. The first day was for female students in Classes 3 – 6 as well as some teachers and other school workers. All 54 participants were from Nashipay Maasai School. The students enjoyed it, and they asked the trainer many questions. After giving them the kits, the students were surprised at the preparations they had to make. There was good understanding and they were all really thankful.

The second day of training was for the Mamas, and 31 attended. The Mamas enjoyed it, and they were very grateful. They thank everyone who made this event happen.

Students with their kits and bars of soap

Some of the Mamas with their kits and soap.

Seminar Content

The key lesson elements included the menstrual cycle and the times of the month when pregnancy can occur. The trainer explained to the students that they should know some ‘danger’ days (when fertilization of an egg can occur). She also taught some signs and feelings that happen during the cycle, which they were very interested to know, so they can keep themselves aware. This information will help the students to fulfill their vision.

Both groups learned how to clean the kits. They must use clean water and soap and wash them several times to make sure that they become clean then they have to dry the pads through the sun or even iron them before they get used again. Also, they must change the pad every three hours to avoid the growth of bacteria during its use.
Also, the kits can only be used for one year then they should be replaced. All the Mamas and students who participated received a kit and a bar of soap. Not all the Mamas were able to attend, and we will ensure that the kits not taken at the seminars are distributed to these women.

Thank you all.
Neema Kisyongan