Establishing a Healthy Community Update – June 2022

Menstrual Kits … Available Soon!

Sokoita Sirom, an ICO member who lives in the Makuyuni boma in Tanzania, is working as a Marketing Intern in the boma this summer.

Sokoita Sirom

Part of her responsibility is to determine how best to secure and supply menstrual kits for the Mamas and girls in the boma. In May, initiative leads Karen Schrey and Colleen Hanley travelled to the boma.

Colleen Hanley, Sokoita Sirom, and Karen Schrey

This gave the three of them ample opportunity to talk about the project and what might be possible. Sokoita’s research has identified a NGO in Moshi that may be able to not only supply kits for the Mamas and girls but also to train some of the Mamas in how to make the kits. Sokoita is currently crunching the numbers to see if there is a business opportunity for the Mamas to begin a small manufacturing project right in the boma. An update is coming soon.