Rwanda Initiatives Update – December 2021


For the second year, in 2021, we put more deserving poor kids into school than ever before – academic and vocational training that they would never have been able to afford. When they graduate, we offer mentoring to help them find or create sustainable jobs with which they will lift their families out of poverty.

8 university national scholarship winners are supported for room & board.

    • 2 graduated in 2021 in teaching and nursing.

48 secondary students were supported in boarding schools.

    • 9 graduated in accounting, mechanics, science/math, teaching.

63 vocational students, mostly young unwed mothers, graduated from 7 months training with an internship:

    • 32 tailoring, 17 shoemaking, 8 hairdressing, 6 market selling.

30 primary students who, otherwise, would eat nothing until dinner were enrolled in school lunch programs.

99 four/five yr olds in 2 nursery schools are prepared for entering first grade and given lunch.

20 young mothers of undernourished children are trained in nutrition and reproductive health.

As always, our primary focus is to raise families above the poverty line. While education has the most sustainable, long term outcomes, the basic needs of these single-mom families for shelter and food cry out for relief. We have provided for the following as our resources allow:

    • 25 households had 58 doors and 62 windows installed where rice sacks had hung.
    • 50 households got efficient stoves and raised-bed gardens.
    • 60 sick and elderly were provided annual health insurance.
    • 10 families shared a rented field for cultivating 2 harvests.
    • 3 houses had new roofs and collapsed walls rebuilt.

The strength of our work is the local leadership which is motivated by a deep concern for struggling families. With careful application of our modest means, they support the thirst for knowledge and the determination of youth to seize any opportunity for sustainable improvement of their lives. Struggling moms get houses repaired and kids fed.