Country: Tanzania

COVID-19 concerns caused delays early in the 2020 school year, but now all facilities are open and operating. It seems the pandemic is not affecting Tanzania very much, although a poor healthcare system and the government’s reluctance to do testing or publish pandemic-relevant data leaves that situation open to question.

2020 was the year for the 3 older orphans to go separate ways in pursuit of higher education. Their school year runs from mid 2020 to mid 2021.

  • David is in form 5 (our grade 12) in a science-oriented government school in the far south of Tanzania, very far from Bukoba. He is there because the government directed him to that specific institution. He is an exceptional student and plans to pursue medical studies at university with a government scholarship after completing form 6 (our grade 13) in mid 2022.
  • Happiness is in form 5 in a school quite close to Bukoba, doing ‘non-technical’ studies including geography and creative courses. She is working towards studying journalism with a government scholarship after completing form 6.
  • Faith is in first year college at a school about 12 hours bus ride from Bukoba and is enrolled in a 3 year diploma course dealing with accounting and finance.

Janeth, the youngest, will be in primary 5 at the Kolping school in Bukoba next year. Her school year runs from January to December.

As orphans, all 4 are in residences associated with the various schools and initiative funds will pay for both school fees and living costs.

All 4 are doing well academically.