August 2020 – La Casita Blog

Generous Volunteers and Grateful Families

Remarkably, San Antonio Palopó has no COVID 19 cases reported so far, although there are  any in other villages around Lago Atitlan. In July the Guatemalan government sponsored the  distribution of corn and a few supplies to families in need. Therefore, La Casita Volunteers waited until the first week in August to distribute food supplies. Since we know a country-wide lockdown could happen at anytime and the threat of COVID 19 will probably last for many more months, we are trying to spread our resources as far as possible.

  Casita volunteer checking the distribution list. There are 6 core volunteers and 4 “becados” (scholarship students) that purchase, organize and distribute the food.
The villagers read an information sheet about nutrition and growing vegetables in small containers while waiting in line in front of La  Casita to receive their food supplies.  
  A young mother and her boys look forward to a good meal. For the most part, young children have been confined to their homes. The older children have been able to come to La Casita for short periods and work with Evelyn on their math, reading, and writing. We don’t  know when the schools will re-open. Evelyn also hosts an educational  TV program that airs once a week and is able to talk about gardening, nutrition and the advantages of growing vegetables – even in small spaces.
La Casita volunteers deliver food  and have a chat with the elderly  Ancianas who weren’t able to come to La Casita. This time we were  able to provide 2 dozen eggs as well  as other basic supplies.  

The families are incredibly appreciative of the food. Many need  support.
Last month we were able to provide vegetable seeds along with the food distribution. A village man  learns more about gardening in small containers.  

This was produced by our volunteers to show how well our food distribution is working. While the spoken word is Spanish, and you may not understand what is being said, it does a really good job showing the value of this project and the villager’s appreciation. La Casita volunteers would not be able to distribute this food without the financial help of our generous donors.