Rwanda Initiative Update - June 2020

During late 2019 and into 2020 we provided 2 groups of unwed moms 6 months of training in
tailoring and dying cloth. They are excited that their new skills already bring them twice the
income they could have ever earned in their previous field work. This is only their first step.

Unmarried girls suffer marginalization that typically lasts a lifetime. Cut out of schooling and
much social activity, they hoe the fields with babies on their backs for $1/day, which leaves
them unable to properly feed and educate their child. This often leads to sexual liaisons just to
survive. It also leads to more children and they all carry crushing poverty throughout life.

We trained 20 young moms, first with training in reproductive health and nutrition and then
tailoring. They emerged empowered and confident in their capacity to adequately sustain
themselves and children with food, education, opportunity and dignity.

Their training was cut short by a month because of Covid restrictions. Their talent and
initiative, however, gave them their first job – to make 500 face masks for the local hospital.
They stood very proud in the community. We will stay connected to them, help them form co-
ops and run successful tailoring shops. Their kids will grow up with stable and striving moms
and that will make all the difference.