Last December we received notice that our teacher, Yesenia Talé, had submitted her resignation. She had just confirmed her pregnancy and wanted to stay close to home while the baby grew. Yesenia was able to develop the Casita’s potential within the community over the past 3 years with her friendly personality, creativity, and enthusiasm for children. She will be sadly missed by all and we wish her well as she begins a new exciting role as a mother!

It is a pleasure to announce that we have a new teacher, who began in early 2020 – Evelyn Marcedes Tautiu Gomez. Our Project Managers, Candelaria and Gregorio, and volunteer Kim Haney, received quite a few applicants and went through a rigorous interview process. Evelyn graduated from University in Solola, as a teacher specializing in Mathematics and Technology. As a plus, she also speaks English and a good deal of Kaqchikel, the Mayan language of the region. She is from Agua Escondidas, one of the villages nearby.

Evelyn has enthusiastically embraced her role – taking the initiative to encourage more readers and focusing on the student’s curriculum needs. And also working with the Ancianas, including presenting a flower to each one for International Women’s Day.

We sincerely welcome Evelyn to La Casita and look forward to working with her.