Cambodia Agriculture Initiative Update - Nov. 2019

Seyha and his wife Sophal have been busy building accommodations as well as a pond to grow food for their chickens and ducks.

Following is a list of farmers and the numbers of chickens and ducks they are raising:
1. Seyha and Sophal have 50 chickens and 50 ducks
2. San Pich and Sokhim have 60 chickens and 30 ducks
3. Sother and his wife have 50 chickens and 60 ducks
4. Dat and Solneng have 40 chickens and 35 ducks
5. Sin Kein and Bong Nit have 30 chickens and 10 ducks and they have expanded their vegetable plots
6. Ming Lang has 30 chickens and 10 ducks and she has also expanded her vegetable garden.