Lifting Single Moms - Rwanda 2019

Lifting Single Moms – Rwanda 2019

ICO Rwanda has always focused on helping single moms: first it was grandmothers with orphans, then widows, now young unwed moms.  Every year, two groups of 15 moms with malnourished babies or kids join our monthly nutrition training program and receive supplemental food as well as rented fields to cultivate together for 3 shared harvests.  We provide the sex education and family planning they need as well as a forum on child rearing. They grow greatly in capacity and confidence during the year. 

Two groups of such single moms have asked for vocational sewing training and we have opened one workshop for 20 and are planning a second shop soon.  In 6 – 8 months these will hopefully be fully operating cooperatives providing support and status to the moms, returning to them a chance at a fulfilling life.

For four years ICO Rwanda has been the only source of informed sex education in the schools and communities.  Last year we trained 100 teachers in 50 schools to deliver the curriculum and we continue expanding this knowledge base vital to preventing the early pregnancies that can drastically limit a girl’s development and perpetuate her poverty.  Currently, we are training Middle School girls.