Education Programs - Rwanda 2019

Education Programs – Rwanda 2019

ICO has always supported poor, fatherless kids to complete secondary school as a sustainable way to lift a family out of subsistence living.  We are always supporting 24 youth through 3 years of quality secondary boarding school at a mere $300/yr. They graduate smart, informed and visionary.  Six years ago those graduates began winning National Merit Scholarships for University tuition and we provided the stipend for room and food. Now they graduate with degrees in Engineering, Teaching, Accounting, Rural Development, Food Management, and Medicine.  This July, 2019, our Emmanuel, a double orphan from a 2 room mud hut, graduates as a physician! 

The capacity and interest of many kids is for practical skills and we are sponsoring 28 kids in recently established vocational schools for sewing, carpentry and welding.  When they graduate after 8 months, we provide the sewing machine or tools they will need to join the workforce. Average cost for all: $200 each.

 At the same time, we are supporting two nursery schools for the poorest families in two Anglican parishes.  Almost one hundred 4 and 5 year olds are getting a big helping of porridge each morning and a head start on learning.  They really love it and their moms can go to their fieldwork without constantly looking over their shoulders. The teachers are naturally gifted and we have enrolled them in a certified training program to further improve their impact.  That’s $100/mon per school for teacher, cook and daily porridge. Amazing value!