Report on Rwanda, Dec. ‘17

2017 update from John Jordan, Rwanda initiative lead:

I am leaving for Rwanda end of December for two months to evaluate and develop the projects, especially those supporting mothers and kids. Our Healthy Mums program brings 2 groups of new and pregnant moms together bi-weekly to learn nutrition, hygiene, and child development. It makes a vital difference in the health of kids and the confidence of moms.We sponsor two groups of moms to raise crops for their families on our rented fields, which provides food, mutual support, and new opportunity.

Read the November report sent by the initiative’s Field Manager:

The farmers have cultivated soya which are very nice. it’s a group of 20 people. They meet every Wednesday and have a group savings and loan program where every one bring 250fr (.35Cad) each week. It means that each week they give 5000frw to one member as a loan to do any small business. They are happy to wait for this chance.

I go with Pastor Martin to his church in Shara to visit the farmer group and Health Mums program.

Health Mums started 4 months ago, with 27 children: 3 tested in red, 9 in yellow and 15 were between yellow and green. Today the facilitator weighed them again and fund that no one is in red. 2 are in yellow, 5 are between yellow and green and all 20 rest are now in green. I really gave a congratulation to the facilitator for his good work. This group has also one pregnant mother.

The mums learned theoretically how to cook a mixture of potatoes, with vegetable, small fishes and soya. Then they make a practice of cooking them and feed their children. after wards each mother took 3 kg of porridge flour at home.
Your Manager in Field, Laurent

We continue to train people to make efficient cookstoves, composting toilets, and raised bed gardens. With new technology, life becomes better. Support them if you can.


John Jordan, Rwanda Facilitator, ICO