Nepal Women's Health Camp 2017 Update

ICO Nepal and the Nepal Rotary Fishtail Club in Pokhara collaborated on a Health Camp for women in the village of Lahachowk on March 18th. The idea for the women’s health camp came when ICO member Sabita Dhakal met with mother group members in the village to hear their needs. She found that prolapsed uterus and other women’s health issues were of major concern to the local women. Women in the village often perform physical farming work up until they give birth and often have to return to working in the field soon after they give birth. This stress can negatively impact their health. ICO provided the costs for transportation for the physicians, medicine, food, and equipment in order that the clinic was held locally in the village to increase attendance and allow the women access to this value healthcare service. Over 230 women were examined and educated by 4 gynecologists who volunteered to run the clinic. It was determined that 6 women required surgery to repair their prolapsed uterus and 1 was, unfortunately, suffering from cancer. Surgery is available free by the government and can take place in the city of Pokhara if the women are able to attend. ICO will provide support for the surgery by ensuring transportation, food or lodging costs to families if needed. We want to thank the Nepal Rotary Fishtail Club who generously provided doctors and logistics to run this endeavor. And a special thank you to Binod Koirala of the Nepal Fishtail Rotary club and ICO members Navin Adharki and Sabita Dhakal for making this event such as success!