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4-year-olds at work – this headstart program will help them be successful when they start school next year

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From Lottie (Carlota) Ericson, April 3, 2012:

It’s my last evening in San Antonio. I sit on my bed with papers in one hand and scissors in the other. I am making holes in these papers one at a time. Why?  Well, the stationary store here sells three-hole binders and two-hole punches.  I think I am going to give myself a break from this job as I feel it’s time to jot down a few things about my five weeks here.

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Latest blog from Guatemala by Jacqueline Mealing
[Note: As well as the community centre in the pueblo of San Antonio, Jacqueline has been working very hard to help a determined group of women in the nearby hamlet of La Cruz start a small community centre. These are extremely poor women, and the community centre gives them the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as to organize together.]

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From Kathy Coster in San Antonio Palopó:

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(A San Antonio girl collects her school supplies)

From Kathy Coster:

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What’s New in San Antonio


Centro Qawinaq – The San Antonio Community Centre

It’s school holidays in Guatemala, and Centro Qawinaq, the little community centre supported by ICO, is hard at work running a vacation program for the children. In a town where most homes are small, dark, and lacking paper, pencils, books or games, a vacation program is important for children to keep up the skills they have learned in school.
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ICO Initiatives

September 17, 2014
ICO’s Instruments4Africa provides opportunities to underprivileged children in Mali, one of Africa's poorest countries, to get an education and reach their potential. Building on Mali’s rich artistic culture, children receive performing arts training, and are part of a performing arts troupe guided by professional dance and music teachers.