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Updates on San Pedro education

Donors to InnovativeCommunities.Org Foundation are continuing to help support Escuela Nueva Vision, the junior secondary school in the village of Chaquijya. There was no secondary school in the region until 2012, when, with extensive organizational aid from Jesus Toc, a local ICO volunteer, the village parents put together a plan to set up the school. They were able to use the primary school facilities after the younger children had finished their day.

Your donations paid the salaries for all the teachers for the first year. Since then, the Guatemalan government has begun to give basic financial support for some salaries, and the project has provided extra funds to help expand the school curriculum for the 70 students.

As well as the basic curriculum of Spanish, English, science and mathematics, the school teaches Mayan culture, Mayan language, trades and environmental studies. Our project is continuing to provide salaries to part-time teachers in music, physical education, computer studies, home economics, and agronomy. We are also helping to fund the expansion of their tree nursery and reforestation project. In the future, we hope to be able to help them with developing a solid-waste recycling project that would involve the whole community.

Many of the parents of these students are illiterate or have a Grade 3 education. It is an enormous undertaking for them to create this school. We feel privileged to be involved in working with them and helping their children become educated and involved members of the Guatemalan society.

Letters from Students


ICO Initiatives

September 17, 2014
ICO’s Instruments4Africa provides opportunities to underprivileged children in Mali, one of Africa's poorest countries, to get an education and reach their potential. Building on Mali’s rich artistic culture, children receive performing arts training, and are part of a performing arts troupe guided by professional dance and music teachers.