ICO Regions

ICO works with communities all over the world. Our current initiatives are taking place in the regions of Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and North America. Each initiative is unique in it’s goals and the people that work together to achieve them. By reading about the various initiatives and communities ICO is a part of you can chose initiative(s) to donate to that especially resonate with you and you can be confident that 100% of the money you donate is going directly to supporting that project and helping the people who are part of that community. By donating to one of these initiatives you become apart of ICO’s vision to support and strengthen the people in the communities we serve, relieve poverty and advance education. We all have a part in making a difference. Simply click on one of the countries below to learn more about the communities and initiatives ICO is involved with and how, day by day, we can all be apart of changing our world. 





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