Update re: COVID-19 for Kenya-Kawangware-School Sponsorship

In the developed world we are fortunate that during this pandemic we are able to practice the recommendations of social distancing and self isolation. Although Kenya has shut down all formal schools in efforts to combat COVID-19, social distancing and self isolation is not an option for many individuals including those living in the slums of Kawangware.

The families of the children that we help to support live day-to-day. This means that they first must find work each day, then when funds allow find food for the day. This makes going even one day of not leaving the house nearly impossible due to the fact it means food will not be available. Additionally, when many of these individuals come home they are sharing a small space (approximately 100 sq feet) with other family members who have been out working. The lack of clean water makes it impossible to clean up before entering the home.

Although it can seem overwhelming to help in such a circumstance we have been in discussion with those in the community of how we can best help these families. Currently, the community center is staying open to provide food and clean water to the children to reduce stress on parents. Before entering the center and throughout the day all individuals are washing their hands with either soap and water or hand sanitizer. 

In addition to providing meals for the children we are also looking to financially assist families so that they will be able to better protect themselves. We will start with supporting families dealing with HIV so that they can practice self-isolation by providing funds for rent and food. We will also look at providing hand sanitizer, clean water, and food hampers to other families so that they can reduce the amount needed to leave the house. 

Even just a small donation can make a huge difference, approximately $8 will buy a large bottle of hand sanitizer for a family, $15 will provide a family with a food hamper, and $55 will pay rent for a month.  

This is only a temporary addition to the sponsorship initiative.  If you wish to make a donation for this cause please add a comment to your online donation mentioning Pandemic Relief so that we can direct your funds accordingly. If you have previously made a donation and wish the funds to be diverted from school fees to this cause, please let us know. 

Thank you for your support, 
Kelsey Molz 
Kenya-Kawangware-School Sponsorship
Initiative Lead