Vietnam Education Initiative Update - Nov. 2019

ICO volunteer Anh Hoang delivered gifts and had dinner with ICO sponsored university students and friends during her visit to Hanoi this month (November 2019).

Last year we were able to support 6 students with their university studies. This year we are supporting 19 students with vocational training, college, university and graduate studies. ICO sponsors are supporting 7 students in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and 12 students in the Hanoi. Although students come from rural communities from different provinces, most are studying in two of Vietnam’s biggest cities. This is our second year supporting students in Hanoi and our first year branching into Ho Chi Minh City.

Thank you to all donors and sponsors for your generous contributions. Your support is life changing for these students and their respective families.

With gratitude,
Thanh Tazumi and team