La Cruz Centre for Women & Children 2017 Update

During 2017, families in the village were provided with large community water tanks. Local families received cement laundry tubs, water filters and greatly needed school supplies and shoes. Funding was given for courses in sustainable cottage industries. Sixty seniors and bed-ridden villagers are currently being provided with one hot meal per week by the women of the La Cruz Centre.

The Centre is beginning its eighth year of operation and is open on a daily basis to assist women.

Through the support of ICO and Rotary, the centre is working on distributing stoves and is involved in a sewing project to make “slow cooker” wonder bags for families selected by the women’s committee. Additionally, garden plots enable families to produce their own vegetables.

For the last five years the “directiva” has taken the responsibility of organizing and guiding Rotary volunteers to build and install latrines, purchase energy efficient stoves, instruct and install washing stations and to purchase school supplies for those without the means. The goal of the initiative is to create opportunities for sustainable employment through the various self employment courses presented.