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Rokpa Chitungwiza Initiative update

Rokpa Chitungwiza Relief Day Care Centre Report – May 2015


When children with disabilities are educated with other children without disabilities, they learn age-appropriate social skills by imitating children without disabilities. Therefore, these children learn to be more independent and acquire developmentally advanced skills. Also, they develop friendships and a more positive self-image by having the opportunity to do what other children do in the community.

Parents of children with disabilities by seeing their children accepted by others and successful in integrated settings, parents feel better about themselves and their children as they testified. Parents of children with disabilities also have the chance to become familiar with other parents and participate in the same community activities. In addition educating and involvement parents of children with and without disabilities together can facilitate major changes in the community.

There are many reasons to provide opportunities for parents of children with disabilities to learn and interact with other parents of children without disabilities in the community.

We are working with community and parents of children with disabilities who are interested to up lift the life of venerable people.

The Relief Day-Care Centre

The number of children   is increasing there are now 35 children registered with a daily average attendance of 33 children. The group of mothers of children with disabilities and the community are all happy because they have a Relief Day-care Centre, a place where they can take their children to, learn to grow vegetables and healing relaxation. This was a great achievement to the community and children with and without disabilities to have a place where they can get support.

Those children who have been locked in the house they are now happy with others, learning to play with other children with and without disabilities. Some children they could not feed themselves but now they can feed themselves. Parent are impressed with this greet achievement. (the specific stories are coming)

Training at Chitungwiza Centre

Chitungwiza community seems to be increasingly motivated now as there are more and more people coming to register for workshops because they now have time to learn different things since their children are going to the Relief Day-care centre (including those without children on the centre).

Training on Health Living is now taking place every Wednesdays at Chitungwiza Centre in the gazebo. We have two groups; first group has 15 participants and the second group 27 participants. More participants are coming to register for the workshops.

The centre is running workshops on healthy living to familiarizing participants on but not limited to:

  •   Basic nutrition and its relevance in our day to day lives
  •   Common understanding of the impact of HIV/AIDS on our lives
  •   Relieving stress through easy breathing, massage, reflexology, stretching exercises and relaxation 
  •   Sharing and learning from each other’s experiences on  parental roles and responsibilities or challenges from families
  •   Supporting and encouraging others in the community towards HIV/AIDS prevention, support and care in the community

Whoever receives training should pass it on to others i.e. we expect the trained parents especially for those children with disabilities to pass on the skills by practicing with their children at home. Some parents with young adults also want their children to learn the organic nutrition gardening skills. The centre garden has this huge positive image in the community and we are building on it.

The After School Club

The After School Club has all its ground work done during the holidays and we are finalising the selection of facilitators/tutors. We are also registering children interested in using the facility. We are going to start next week.

The gazebo

This has been completed, the pictures will be sending via DropBox. It is already being utilised for trainings and for parent-to-parent support meeting by the parents of children with disabilities.

ICO Initiatives

September 17, 2014
ICO’s Instruments4Africa provides opportunities to underprivileged children in Mali, one of Africa's poorest countries, to get an education and reach their potential. Building on Mali’s rich artistic culture, children receive performing arts training, and are part of a performing arts troupe guided by professional dance and music teachers.