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Love and Care Centre

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LOVE AND CARE CENTRE founded by Rwandan refugee, Aurelia Kaitesi in 2004

Masimphumelele is a community near Cape Town South Africa. The population includes many experiencing poverty, violence and lack of opportunity. There is little money to guarantee healthy food for the children each day. There is not affordable day-care and women are not able to work and care for their children. Love and care provides learning opportunities for the children as well as psycho-social care. Love and Care started after a women's leadership group in 2003. The women were asked to set up community initiatives. Love and Care was set up by Aurelia. She now has a community Board after being held by a trust. Parents are involved and there is lots of learning for everyone. Now the community owns Love and Care.

Serving the families of Masiphumele, Cape Town, South Africa with minimal cost child care for more than 12 years, with between 75 and 100 children every day. Love and Care is entering a new sustainable phase getting registered with Social Development, enabling the teachers to get paid regularly. They have certain requirements in order for this to happen ($16,000 is our goal) and we invite you to be part of their launch into sustainability.

DONATE through ICO Canada Helps specifying Love and Care Day Centre Initiative. If you can, please get Love and Care to their goal.

Specific Registration Requirements :

Rezoning R,12000             $1143            
Plumbing and Labour. R.12500    $1191
Baglars For windows. R.17500        $1667
Renovation /Labour. R.65000        $6190
Fence /Wendy houses. R.8000    $  762
Wendy Toilets Separate. R.3500    $  334
Remote controlled Gate. R.3500    $  334
Fire Extinguisher R.6500        $  619
Classroom Tables. R.4500        $  429
First AID Kit /box. R.3000        $  286
Electricityx2buildings. R.6500        $  619

Admin R2000                $  191

-R.165700 TOTAL                  approx.$15780     (exchange (bank) rate as of 4/10/2016 10.2)       




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September 17, 2014
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