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Bamako, Instruments4africa


Instruments4africa is an ICO initiative for the development of youth and the preservation of music and the arts in Africa.  Our overall goal is to facilitate creative cooperation between Africa and the world.  Our center of operation is in Bamako, the capital of Mali, West Africa. We sponsor underprivileged youth to receive a quality education and mentoring in the arts. By focusing on the child, the family, the community, and the culture, instruments4africa strives to end the cycle of poverty through education and mentoring.

There are 16 girls enrolled in the program at the moment and one of the goals is to make it available to many more children, boys and girls. The children involved are part of a dance troupe under the guidance of a professional Malian dance teacher; this gives them an opportunity to learn from the rich musical tradition of Mali. In addition they are sponsored to go to school. The younger members of the troupe are currently being taught by a Malian teacher whose wages are paid by Instruments4africa.

The long term goal is to create a school for the performing arts that will provide new opportunities for the children to live a decent life and lift them out of poverty. In addition, their families and their local community will benefit from a range of services such as workshops on a variety of topics, adult education, easier access to health care and the use of alternative sources of energy.

Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world, harshly affected by drought, high mortality rate and low literacy level. The people of Mali are struggling but their attitude toward life remain positive. They are very appreciative of our support and they value our solidarity.

The recent coup in Mali on March 22, 2012 and the rebels' occupation in the North have been devastating to the country. Large numbers of people from the North had to leave their homes and are now living as refugees in neighbouring countries and in Bamako. Everybody in the country is affected by the present situation, including our children and their families.

Your donations to Instruments4africa will make a big difference.  Donors can be assured that there is no risk to donated money due to the situation in Mali, in fact there is even more urgency to implement this project due to the strife.  For more information please contact